Why is Banwell Pharmacy different?

Banwell Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy in Windsor offering all the amenities of a regular community pharmacy, and also offering free prescription delivery. Delivery of non-prescription items can also be arranged. We are different from other pharmacies because of the level of customer service we provide. Being independently owned and operated, we are able to customize service and products to each customer. We recognize that everyone is an individual. We can courier your order to you wherever you are in Canada! Canada-wide shipping could be free based on your location and size of order. Otherwise, the cost will depend on the shipping destination. Please contact us for details. We are only authorized to ship medications to destinations within Canada, and we are only allowed to dispense prescriptions pursuant to a prescription from a licensed Canadian physician.

What kinds of prescriptions can be compounded?

Almost any kind! Compounded prescriptions are ideal for any patient requiring unique dosages and/or delivery devices. Sometimes conventional manufactured medicines are not ideal for certain patient populations making it difficult to treat these patients with the correct dose or concentration. Compounded products can alleviate these issues by taking the form of solutions, suppositories, sprays, oral rinses, lollipops and even transdermal sticks. Compounding applications can include: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary, Hospice, Pediatric, Ophthalmic, Dental, Otic (for the ear), Dermatology, Medication Flavoring, Chronic Pain Management, Neuropathies, Sports Medicine, Infertility, Wound Therapy, Podiatry and Gastroenterology.

Is compounding legal? Is it safe?

Compounding has been part of healthcare since the origins of pharmacy, and is widely used today in all areas of the industry, from hospitals to nuclear medicine. Over the last decade, compounding’s resurgence has largely benefited from advances in technology, quality control and research methodology. Health Canada has stated that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal as long as they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. In addition, compounding is regulated by the Ontario College of Pharmacists to ensure patient safety.

Are doctors aware of compounding?

For the most part, yes. Prescription compounding is a rapidly growing component of many physicians’ practices. But in today’s world of aggressive marketing by drug manufacturers, some may not realize the extent of compounding’s resurgence in recent years. Ask your physician about compounding. We are also informing physicians and healthcare practitioners in the area about the types of compounds they can prescribe. We will collaborate with your healthcare provider to ensure your compound is the best formulation tailored to your specific needs.

Do you also fill regular prescriptions?

Of course we do! We fill all regular prescriptions and bill directly to your third party insurance!

I don’t live in Windsor, can I still use Banwell Pharmacy?

Absolutely! We serve as the pharmacy of choice for many people – including people who always require delivery. We communicate with them via phone, fax, email or even social media! Just reach out to us and we can take care of the rest!