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Medication management is the monitoring of medications that a patient takes to confirm that he or she is complying with a medication regimen, while also ensuring the patient is avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications. This is especially important for those taking large numbers of medications to address chronic illnesses and multiple diseases. Taking multiple medications is known as polypharmacy, and it is particularly common among older adults, as they are more likely to need medications to manage an array of chronic conditions. There are a number of aspects to medication management, all of which are focused on making sure that medications are used appropriately. Keeping track of all of the medications currently in use by a patient is an important part. This can include creating printed lists describing medications, their dosages, and how they are being used. These lists can be kept in patient charts and provided to patients to help them track the drugs they use and understand why various medications are being prescribed. Monitoring medication administration is also key. Medications usually need to be taken in specific doses at set intervals. Missing doses or timing doses incorrectly can cause complications. To manage this, everything from devices that issue reminders to patients to take their medications to filling pill cases for patients and marking the lid of each compartment to indicate when the contents need to be taken may be used.
Personalized medicine is a medical procedure that separates patients into different groups—with medical decisions, practices, interventions and/or products being tailored to the individual patient based on their predicted response or risk of disease.
No, if you are on 3 or more chronic medication, the cost of consultation is covered by the government drug benefits.
Bring all your medications, including over the counter, herbals, inhalers, eye drops, ear drops, and inhalers along with your latest medication list (if you don't have, don't worry, we can provide you with one as part of our consultation!)
We accept all drug plans.
We can collect samples for certain lab test on site.
While most services are covered by the government health coverage, certain uninsured services might have a cost associated with them that you may have to pay for.